Dependable Fire offer fire protection services


Dependable Fire Services Profile

Dependable Fire Services Pty Ltd is a Fire Protection Company which has all the available resources to not only carry out small & large contracts to meet required works programs, but also provide comprehensive Inspection and Testing programs and Emergency Service for completed projects. We pride ourselves on a carrying out our work in a highly efficient and timely manner at a very competitive price.

Dependable employees have been involved in the design, manufacture, supply, installation and final commissioning of Fire Services in a number of premier projects encompassing the following services

fire systems

Dependable is able to draw upon, and offer a wealth of technical expertise and provide the most sophisticated equipment available on the market with the most technically advanced products required to undertake major projects.

Our technical personnel have over 30 years experience in all aspects of Fire Protection from multi-storey constructions to special hazards and emergency services. Their technical expertise and experience has facilitated their ability to deliver to the client the most appropriate available engineered solutions.

We would appreciate the opportunity to provide a competitive quotation for your next project and invite you to add Dependable Fire Services to your tender list for future projects.